Pilates aids in strength, posture, flexibility, and concentration. These attributes not only ease the aches and pains of everyday life, they are sought after by top athletes looking to perfect their capabilities. This is why Pilates is one of the fastest growing exercises for athletes wanting to prevent injury and increase performance. Yay!

Pilates for fluidity, control, and grace: This elegant component is essential in such sports as soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. Jerky and off balance movements result in more fatigue and lower response times.

Pilates for muscular symmetry: If you play tennis or golf you have probably develop muscular imbalances because of the one-sided nature of the sport. These muscular imbalances fight the very aspects of core stability, alignment, and poster that are fundamental for accuracy and control.

Pilates for body awareness: From soccer to equestrian sports, athletes must have control over the movements of their own body. In many sports, poor body position, even a fraction of an inch at times, results in a lost opportunity.