Q:  Why is there a cancellation and no show policy?

A:  This policy is in place because we are a small studio, and as such, still need to pay our instructors regardless if our clients show up. Also, by canceling 24 hours, before your appointment, you are freeing up a spot for a fellow classmate. Perhaps one day, you yourself will benefit from an open spot that was provided by a fellow courteous classmate.

Q:  What should I wear?

A:  We require grip socks for safety. Regular socks without grips are not allowed. Getting sweaty doing Pilates and barre is part of the fun. However slipping on the equipment or floor is not fun!  Grip socks add an extra layer of protection and traction for our clients. You may bring your own grip socks or we have socks for sale at our studio. Nike studio wraps are also an appropriate footwear choice but are not required. We recommend wearing comfortable yet, form-fitting clothing so our instructors can check your form. Many exercises in Pilates require for one’s legs to be raised off the ground, please take this into consideration when making your clothing choice.

Q:  What do I bring?

A:  Yourself!  . . . and some grip socks. We have mats, towels, and water. Try to avoid jewelry and strong perfumes. When working out on the Pilates apparatus, clients with long hair need to secure their hair up so it will not get caught in the equipment.

Q:  When will I see results?

A:  Joseph Pilates once said, "In 10 classes you will feel the difference, In 20 classes you will see the difference, and in 30 classes you will have a whole new body."  While everyone is different, we recommend that you take a class at least 3 – 4 times a week. With this, you should see and feel results within 8 weeks or less. Remember, diet is a huge component of fitness. And as always, please check with your doctor to ensure that this form of exercise regime is right for you.

Q:  What if I have an injury(ies)?

A:  Please let us know if you have any new or previous injuries or health conditions on your Intake Form. In addition, please notify our instructor in order for him/her to provide you with modifications.  Please provide a Doctor’s note indicating you are cleared to participate in ANY workout or fitness related activities if you are just recovering from an injury.

Q:  Isn’t Pilates just for women and dancers?

A:  No!! Pilates was developed by a man, Joseph Hubertus Pilates. It was his intention that people of all ages and genders perform his exercises, what he called Contrology. Today, the methodology is known as Pilates and we welcome both men and women into our studio!

Q:  Do you provide child care? Are children allowed in the studio?

A:  We do not provide child care. Children are not allowed in the studio. This is for safety and liability reasons.

Q:  I’ve never taken Pilates before, what class should I take?

A:  We strongly recommend that all clients who are new to Pilates take an introductory private session. This session will introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates and working with the Reformer apparatus. Clients who have the best success with the Pilates method typically take one or more private sessions before signing up for a small group class. Private sessions provide a solid foundation on which to better understand the Pilates fundamentals, proper breathing technique, and alignment. Clients who are pregnant or have injuries, health conditions, or disorders of the skeletal system, are recommended to take private or duet sessions.

If you have Pilates experience on a Reformer, but are new to our studio, we encourage you to take an introductory private session or a new client reformer class.

Intermediate Reformer or Pilates Mat classes require a minimum of 15 beginner level Reformer classes or private sessions. Advanced Reformer or Pilates Mat classes require a minimum of 15 intermediate Reformer classes